Sara Söderberg is an artist based in Stockholm, Sweden

Through my practice as a craft artist I examine how a certain space or object can function as a mediator between people, and between people and materiality. How and by whom a room, an object, or a context is created, and then experienced is examined to understand the significance of materiality as an important ingredient in making sense of ourselves and the world around us. Everyday life is filled with moments where we connect the body and mind when we come in contact with material tools suggested to aid us with our perceived needs. Depending on how that tool is made, feels, looks or smells, the functions can be well beyond practical. The more or less subtle humor in a handmade ceramic handle can be the type of amusing detail that makes a certain room feel more embracive, human and generous - a materialized reminder of a crucial experience.

Assuming a lost tradition of crafting spaces, I apply my practice in a public and architectural scale and setting, to challenge what happens when shared spaces become more personalized - more domestic in a sense - and reformulate what this lost tradition of craft and architecture working interdisciplinary could be today.